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(Anonymous, 105 days ago)

Suzanne helped me when I was going through a difficult time, physically (due to the wrong meds!) and consequently, emotionally. It was the first time in days that I could actually relax and I'm returning for a second session to fully enjoy the experience w/o being under the influence of a Dr's bad prescription! Highly recommend this spa!

(Mary ellen E., 179 days ago)

Suzanne was very welcoming and gentle - she put me at ease right away. The rooms were lovely and clean, and the reflexology was very relaxing. Suzanne was very attentive and I felt that she truly cares about her clients and the service she provides.

(Anonymous, 182 days ago)

(Anonymous, 197 days ago)

Excellent job! I left feeling relief and relaxed. Thank you!

(Anonymous, 338 days ago)

I have had several wonderful massages with Suzanne that included aromatherapy, reflexology, and hot stones. She takes the time to carefully listen to your concerns and works her magic on those muscles. Recently I had two transforming sessions in the Sound Therapy Chair. The combination of instrumental sound and therapeutic massage while meditating has been extremely beneficial to me. I would highly recommend Suzanne to anyone who's looking to improve wellness and health. Terri L.

(Terri L., 398 days ago)

I've had various types of alternative healing, massages, and reflexology all my adult life, but I have to say that Suzanne's hot stone reflexology took me to a state of blissful relaxation that I have never been to before! Suzanne has wonderful positive energy and she made me feel one hundred percent comfortable.

(Anonymous, 425 days ago)

October 18, 2013 WOW what an experience! From the minute I stepped into Wellness Wisdom I knew I had come to the right place. From their cute little tea room with various yoga and relaxation books to the actual massage rooms themselves this place is what I needed. Immediately meeting Suzanne she put me right at ease with her warm smile and welcoming nature. Our session began with some reiki at first and right away I fell into deep relaxation. She than proceeded with some acupressure on my scalp and ears which to say the least felt WONDERFUL! She than stretched my muscles and moved to some acupressure on my feet. Now naturally I am very ticklish and would not normally let someone work on them. Lo and behold Suzanne worked wonders, I completely forgot about how ticklish I usually am and enjoyed her fingers working magic on the knots of my feet. It was truly an experience and I would recommend anyone in the Fairfield county to come here and try her out! Trust me you WILL NOT be disappointed, I am officially a satisfied Wellness Wisdom customer :)

(Anonymous, 454 days ago)

I've had three appointments with Suzanne and they have all been great experiences. My most recent two appointments were for the sound therapy mats for improved sleep. If anyone is having sleep difficulties I would highly recommend giving it a try. Within two sessions I noticed a difference in my mental state and a deeper overall level of rest at night. The mat allows you to sink in, clear your thoughts, and begin to re-program your mind to let go and rest at the end of the day. Suzanne also coached me on other tips to incorporate into my sleep habits at night. Between these two factors I hope to have continued improvement in my rest and look forward to visiting for continued sessions in the future. Highly recommend!

(Anonymous, 474 days ago)

Suzanne's hands have magic in them. The worst part is the end of the session.

(Anonymous, 557 days ago)

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