Welcome to WellnessWisdom® MindBody


 Quiet Your Mind, Nurture your Body and Inspire your Spirit



At my serene wellness studio, I will help you find your path to well being and holistic balance by connecting you to your inner wisdom.  Experience peace, healing and relaxation through my unique MindBody sessions, which include energy and sound therapies, mindfulness and guided meditation, reflexology and therapeutic bodywork and life wellness coaching.
WellnessWisdom will assist in reducing stress, anxiety and pain and improve your overall wellness and ultimately, inspire you to evolve and live more authentically.

Choose your wellness path and schedule an appointment online, by email or phone. You can also select from a variety of online wellness products and gift certificates.  If you would like to discover how I can help you, please contact me for a complimentary phone or office consultation. Private coaching sessions are available by phone, Skype or at my studio.