Welcome to WellnessWisdom® MindBody

Healing Methods and Therapies to Treat the Whole Person and Nuture Soul, Mind and Body.

If you struggling with stress, anxiety, pain or want to transform your wellness and life, WellnessWisdom's® unique
mind- body healing therapies can improve your wellbeing.

At our private and comfortable healing studio, my goal is to listen and follow your inner compass of wisdom, while providing a safe, sacred and loving space to assist and restore harmony to your spirit and physical temple.   You can experience restorative healing and relaxation through a variety of gateway sessions.  My MindBody Fusion treatments are combinations of energy work, mindfulness, music sound healing, guided imagery, reflexology and bodywork.  Other therapeutic and relaxing sessions offered include the popular Body & Sole, Meditative Massage, Hot Stone therapy, EastWest Fusion, Reiki Energy Healing, Integrative Reflexology Foot Massage, Sound Healing, Life Coaching and personalized self care packages.

If you are not able to visit us in person, we also offer online wellness solutions ~ coaching, products and other resources that can  improve your well being. You can schedule an appointment online, through email or phone and can also contact me for a complimentary phone or office consultation.